26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner
original title: Beatrix
country: Austria
year: 2021
running time: 95 min.


This film is limited to 250 views.

Beatrix is home alone. Most of the time. In a house that she does not own. A house in which she lives only temporarily. We don’t find out more about the film’s protagonist or the circumstances of her stay. It is specifically because of this limited amount of information available to the viewer that this situational film, which works with actors and an element of staging, ultimately becomes a distinctive existential study. Brief seconds reflecting the passage of time, the aimless lingering in a moment, come to the forefront. In addition, the camera permanently focused on the film’s lead protagonist, conveys to us the physical nature of her body captured in space as something both familiar and foreign.  

"Our intention was not to invent a story, but rather to create a character, whom we wanted to portray at a seemingly arbitrary point in her life." (Lilith Kraxner)


Austrian artist Milena Czernovsky (1993) is currently studying scenography at the university in Vienna, and is also active as a screenwriter and film director. In her first works, Austrian filmmaker Lilith Kraxner (1995) experimented with analogue film while active at the Friedl Kubelka School for Independent Film (Die Schule für unabhängigen Film) in Vienna.

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director: Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner
cast: Eva Sommer
producer: Milena Czernovsky, Lilith Kraxner, Lara Bellon
photography: Antonia de la Luz Kašik
sound: Benedikt Palier
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