28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Let’s Be Friends
Let’s Be Friends
Let’s Be Friends
Let’s Be Friends

Let’s Be Friends

director: Rodger Werkhoven, Arno Coenen
original title: Let's Be Friends
country: Netherlands
year: 2022
running time: 7 min.


„The world's first short film to be 100% created, animated and narrated by artificial intelligence,“ proclaims the caption at the beginning and end of the film, which features a cast of touching, seductive and latently aggressive fictional characters generated by the Open AI application DALL-E 2 from a random set of pixel-noises. In their talks, they touch on pressing questions and anxieties about the future of the creative industries and artistic production after they are overwhelmed by the fruits of AI.

“AI will not replace you; a person using AI will.” — Rodger Werkhoven

Quote source: Linkedin.


Dutch multimedia artist Arno Coenen (born 1972) creates computer-generated video animations, performances, but also ceramics, stained glass and glass mosaics with digital motifs. He is the author of the large-scale colour ceiling at De Markthal in Rotterdam. Rodger Werkhoven (born 1967) specialises in the responsible integration of artificial intelligence into the creative industry. He has worked with OpenAI on the development of generative AI models and with D-ID on the Creative Reality Studio. He co-founded CollaborAitors with Arno Coen.

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director: Rodger Werkhoven, Arno Coenen
producer: Arno Coenen, Rodger Werkhoven
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