28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Building Slovakia - Decorations
Building Slovakia - Decorations
Building Slovakia - Decorations
Building Slovakia - Decorations
Building Slovakia - Decorations

Building Slovakia - Decorations

director: Mária Pinčíková
original title: Budujeme Slovensko - Okrasa
country: Slovakia
year: 2022
running time: 26 min.


As part of a series mapping the industrial buildings that shaped the history of Slovakia, a half-live action, half-mythical portrait of people who dedicated their lives to Okras in Čadca, Slovakia was created. The cooperative enterprise was one of the few to survive the regime change and the post-Soviet rise of competition and still supplies Christmas decorations to Slovak and foreign shops.

“Mapping industrial heritage is an important part of our cultural memory. We owe a debt to her. While industrial architecture abroad is the subject of research centres, and abandoned water reservoirs, breweries, and glassworks are transformed into lively cultural centres or original residential housing after conversion, in Slovakia there is no systematic inventory of industrial buildings.“ — Peter Kerekes

Source: https://mojakultura.sk/dokumentarny-cyklus-budujeme-slovensko-sa-vracia-na-obrazovky-rtvs/


Slovak documentary filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist Mária Pinčíková (b. 1987) is a graduate of the Film and Television Faculty in Bratislava and the London College of Communication. After several short documentaries screened at international festivals, she debuted in 2021 with the hybrid film On Your Marks!

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director: Mária Pinčíková
producer: Peter Kerekes
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