26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Ryszard Waśko
original title: Chodnik
country: Poland
year: 1972
running time: 3 min.


The cut’s extreme tempo, which connects the depiction of the human figure in shots of varying sizes, creates an impression of movement and transformation in every sense imaginable: from growth and disintegration to a change in position of both the figure itself and the viewer's angle.


Ryszard Waśko (1949) is a fine artist, filmmaker, photographer, video artist and sculptor. He graduated from the Lodz Film School, where he lectured in the 1970s. After he emigrated, he found success in exhibiting his work in several world galleries. He now lives in Berlin.

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director: Ryszard Waśko
photography: Lechosław Czołnowski
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