28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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What Is Behind the Canvas?

What Is Behind the Canvas?

director: Haukur Hallsson
original title: Co je za plátnem?
country: Czech Republic
year: 2016
running time: 12 min.


Legendary Czech documentary filmmaker and head of FAMU’s documentary department Karel Vachek returns to painting after 35 years. On the way from his exhibition in Tišnov, he shares his memories and distinctive views on art and life.


Icelandic filmmaker Haukur Hallsson (1989) is studying directing at FAMU. He is the author of three short films, and regularly collaborates with theaters and performers in Reykjavik.

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director: Haukur Hallsson
cast: Karel Vachek
producer: Haukur Hallsson, Miloslava Bednářová
script: Haukur Hallsson
photography: Nader Chalhoub, Saul Pankhurst
editing: Dimitrios Polyzos
sound: Gary Boyd
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