26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Courier’s rig
Courier’s rig
Courier’s rig
Courier’s rig
Courier’s rig

Courier’s rig

director: Tomáš Kocka Jusko, Alex Selmeci
original title: Courier’s rig
country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 7 min.


Courier’s rig is one from a series of video works called Uncombative tools. Visually it follows the aesthetics of both popular science animations and product presentations, showing several tame tools, gadgets and instruments. These objects in various stages of their lifespan are in use by a fictional courier service for collecting, gathering, transport, sun-protect and orientation in an environment which is gradually re-wilding itself. It speculates or perhaps just fantasizes about the potentiality of reinventing the early transportation technologies to some extent, as part of thinking about possible changes in the use of technological means.

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Originally from Slovakia, Alex Selmeci (1994) and Tomáš Kocka Jusko (1994) are a duo of artists who have been based in Prague since 2019. Their work focuses on the study of objects in their material form, whether tangible or functional. For this purpose, they work creatively in audiovisual 3D space, among other things.

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director: Tomáš Kocka Jusko, Alex Selmeci
producer: Alex Selmeci, Tomáš Kocka Jusko
sound: Ľuboslav Krajňák
skladatel: Ľuboslav Krajňak
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