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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Labor News No.1

Labor News No.1

director: Labor News Production
country: South Korea
year: 1989
running time: 74 min.


The working class continues to be a victim of the cold war on both sides of the Korean Peninsula. While in the North it led to the establishment of a totalitarian regime, in the South, factory workers have become the target of anti-Communist propaganda and the modern-day slaves of gigantic government-backed corporations. Recordings of protests, television talk shows and songs about the fight against injustice present the wave of collective defiance that swept across the entire country in 1989. South Korean unions organized mass demonstrations in which the struggle was not for the Left or for the Right, but for democracy and the right to a dignified life.
“How much more we can get is not the whole issue. What is at stake is the problem of whether we could secure the foundation for humane lives, or go back to the lives of slaves.“ Labor News No. 1


Labor News Production, also known under the acronym LNP, was established in 1991. It is active in many areas, including production, research and educational programs. Its aim is to contribute to the democratization of South Korean society through the mass media.

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