27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Delphine's prayers
Delphine's prayers
Delphine's prayers
Delphine's prayers

Delphine's prayers

director: Mbakam Rosine
original title: Les prières de Delphine
country: Belgium
year: 2021
running time: 90 min.


Delphine’s so far relatively short life has been so turbulent and dramatic that even trying to recount it is painful for the young woman of Cameroonian origin now living in Belgium. That is one of the reasons for the minimalist documentary not to use any illustrative shots and to centre all its attention on the main character. Repudiated by her own family and forced into prostitution by the circumstances, the protagonist saw emigration as the solution; even in Europe, however, she – like many other African women of her generation – remains trapped in the consequences of what is called the “Western sexual colonisation”.


"In the film, I'm talking about sexual colonization and how Delphine is trying to be free from that by questioning the two systems and two societies." (Mbakam Rosine)



Mbakam Rosine (1980) was born in Cameroon, where she also started her film career. Currently, she is living and working in Belgium, where her focus shifted to the lives of African immigrants in the old continent. Together with Geoffroy Cernaix, she co-founded Tandor Productions in 2014.

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director: Mbakam Rosine
producer: Geoffroy Cernaix
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