26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Dilemma of Desire
The Dilemma of Desire
The Dilemma of Desire
The Dilemma of Desire

The Dilemma of Desire

director: Maria Finitzo
original title: The Dilemma of Desire
country: United States
year: 2020
running time: 108 min.


The clitoris mainly serves for female pleasure and has long been ignored by modern medicine until recently. While a woman's body has always been considered an erotic symbol, a woman's sexual desire has always been considered less important than a man’s or even taboo. Biologist Stacey Dutton, queer activist Coriama, designer Ti Chang, and artist Sophia Wallace point out how cultural, political and religious norms ruled by patriarchal society have led women to suppress their own desire. Each of them tries to demystify the established perception of female sexuality and, thus, end phallic dominance. Because without the equality of pleasure, there can be no equal society.
The Dilemma of Desire is a film that connects the consciousness of clitoral facts -- THE TRUTH -- with a female empowerment that is way beyond sexual satisfaction.“ M. Finitzo

Q&A with the director Maria Finitzo:


American filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer Maria Finitzo studied radio, television, and film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and screenwriting at the Northwestern University. Throughout her filmmaking career spanning over thirty years, she has participated in the creation of dozens of documentaries and feature films, became a two-time winner of the Peabody Award, and founded the independent production company Film Arts Production in Chicago. In her films, she takes a holistic approach to addressing various social problems, focusing on women's issues in particular. She currently works at Kartemquin Films.

more about film

director: Maria Finitzo
producer: Cynthia Kane, Diane Quon
photography: Hillary Bachelder, Bing Liu, Adam Singer, Keith Walker Winter
editing: Liz Kaar
music: Miriam Cutler
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