28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Child of Manila
Child of Manila

Child of Manila

director: Dange Desembrana, Emmanuel Dadivas
original title: Anak Maynila
country: Philippines
year: 1993
running time: 6 min.


A desperate woman, clutching a baby in the streets of Manila at night, represents a symbol of poverty plaguing the city. A stifling social drama combines live action with animation and brings the animated characters to life in the most impressive way; thus unfolding a more positive alternative to the story. Christian motives bring forth the message of hope, faith and a better world.


Director Emmanuel Nonoy Dadivas worked with animators Fruto Corre and Denge Desembrana already on the experimental films The Criminal (1984) and Laho (1988). As an editor and sound engineer, Dadivas also worked on a feature film The Masseur (Masahista, 2005), directed by Brillante Mendoza.

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director: Dange Desembrana, Emmanuel Dadivas
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