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27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Good Light, Good Air
Good Light, Good Air
Good Light, Good Air
Good Light, Good Air
Good Light, Good Air

Good Light, Good Air

director: IM Heung-soon
original title: 좋은 빛, 좋은 공기
country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)
year: 2020
running time: 110 min.


The name of the South Korean city of Gwangju means “good light”, while Buenos Aires means “good air”. What these “good places” in two opposite parts of the world have in common is their experience with dictatorship. The lives of the young generations in these countries were shaped by the bloody suppression of the 1980 uprising in Gwangju and by the rule of the Argentinian military junta in the 1970s, respectively. The sons and daughters of mothers and fathers who went missing forty years ago are on a quest for truth that had been corrupted for years by the political regimes. Opening mass graves and exhuming family traumas cause phantom pain constantly reminding that parts of the collective past has been amputated.


„The ones who lived through it are still alive. That history isn´t over yet.“ (From the film.)


IM Heung-soon (1969) is a South Korean film director. His socially engaged works spotlight the life of marginalized and oppressed social groups. His filmography includes Jeju Prayer (2012), Things that Do Us Part (2019) or Factory Complex from 2014, which was awarded the Silver Lion and was screened at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival.

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director: IM Heung-soon
cast: Ana Claudia OBERLIN, Alejandra NAFTAL, Carlos SOMIGLIANA, Jeomrye KIM, Gilja KIM
producer: KIM Min-kyung
script: IM Heung-soon
editing: LEE Hakmin
music: CHUNG Narae
sound design: Sung-jun LEE
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