26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Wishing you the same
Wishing you the same
Wishing you the same
Wishing you the same
Wishing you the same
Wishing you the same

Wishing you the same

director: Arnaud de Mezamat
original title: Espère de même pour toi
country: France
year: 2019
running time: 95 min.


The iconic book Europeana: A Brief History of the Twentieth Century by Patrik Ouředník, first published in 2001, has transformed the imagination of the French film-maker into an apocalyptic chronicle of the last century. A straightforward testimony of scientific rationality, which led the society to a spiritual crisis and resulted in six genocides, is accompanied with melancholic Mahlerian echoes of La Belle Époque when the world was just getting ready for the century that negated all humanity. The film raises the question whether Europe in post-history and post-humanity, sweetly anaesthetized to collective unconsciousness, will pretend as if nothing had happened.

“I wanted to breathe life into Ourednik's amazing text and to present its visions on the screen. The purpose of the resulting film play is to make the viewer reflect on different aspects of humanity.” A. de Mezamat


Arnaud de Mezamat has been making documentaries about art, history, society, and psychoanalysis for 25 years. In 1993, he founded the production company Films Abacaris with Élisabeth Coronel. He co-directed the film entitled Moi, petite fille de treize ans (2009) about Simone Lagrange, a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

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director: Arnaud de Mezamat
cast: Valérie Dréville, Aliénor de Mezamat, Ignace Steiner
producer: Arnaud de Mezamat
script: Patrik Ourednik
photography: Arnaud de Mezamat
editing: Pauline Le Duc, Arnaud de Mezamat
sound: Tomas Besson
skladatel: Marie-Jeanne Séréro
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