28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Other Side
The Other Side
The Other Side
The Other Side

The Other Side

director: Roberto Minervini
original title: The Other Side
country: France, Italy
year: 2015
running time: 92 min.


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What does the concept of American freedom and independence even mean for a community full of drug addicts, strippers, war veterans, and ex-convicts living on the margins of society in a Southern small town? This detailed portrait of Louisiana residents from low-income backgrounds reveals how easy it is to despise people who are more inclined to be racist and militaristic regardless of what their life stories are or the difficulties they face in their daily lives. This feature film based on real characters and stories creates the illusion of a documentary that acts as a socio-critical and empathetic study of "rednecks" excluded from liberal-democratic discourse.


“Departing from reality means being held accountable and that makes my job deeper, I believe, and more meaningful.”
– Roberto Minervini



Roberto Minervini (1970) is an Italian film director, screenwriter, photographer, music producer, and university lecturer living in the United States. He studied economics in Italy, media studies in New York, and earned his doctorate in film history in Madrid. His films often blur the lines between documentary observation and dramatized storytelling.

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director: Roberto Minervini
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