27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Filmmaker's House
The Filmmaker's House
The Filmmaker's House
The Filmmaker's House
The Filmmaker's House

The Filmmaker's House

director: Marc Isaacs
original title: The Filmmaker's House
country: United Kingdom
year: 2020
running time: 75 min.


At the beginning of the film, the director learns from the producer that his next film should ideally be about crime and sex because these topics are far more interesting to their big bosses. Out of defiance, he decides to minimize costs and starts shooting a budget film in his own house with average Joes naturally coming and going, including: a pair of construction workers repairing a fence in the garden, a Colombian cleaning lady, a Pakistani neighbor, and a homeless man from Slovakia. As their actions are staged to a certain extent, a remarkable slow sitcom unfolds before our eyes, where the element of coexistence passes the most difficult test.

"The Filmmaker’s House was born out of a growing frustration with the state of the documentary film industry and a personal determination to retain independence of mind in my filmmaking." (Marc Isaacs)


Throughout his work, Marc Isaacs tends to focus on social themes, from exploring the coexistence of different cultures in the UK to covering stories of people living on the margins of society. Whether it's The Road: A Story of Life and Death (2012) on the A5, or the image of a multicultural Britain in All White in Barking (2007).

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director: Marc Isaacs
producer: Marc Isaacs
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