26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Corporate Accountability
Corporate Accountability
Corporate Accountability
Corporate Accountability
Corporate Accountability
Corporate Accountability

Corporate Accountability

director: Jonathan Perel
original title: Responsabilidad Empresarial
country: Argentina
year: 2020
running time: 68 min.


The Argentine Ministry of Justice encouraged research resulting in a thousand-page report on crimes against humanity committed during the military dictatorship in 1976–1983. The generally not very well-known content of the report can be heard from the mouth of the director who reads it in his car parked in front of twenty-five, mostly still functioning companies that used to denounce trade unionists and left-wing workers in exchange for their own profit. Illustratively brings evidence of thousands of missing people, hundreds of murders and countless cases of torture caused and links between dictatorship and capitalism. 
„The ruling paradigm in Argentine justice focused within the State itself, and not outside of it.“ J. Perel


Argentine producer and director Jonathan Perel (1976) has studied art at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature in Buenos Aires. In his films, he often returns to the period of dictatorship that marked his childhood. He examines the painful history of his homeland at the sites of actual events in 17 Monuments (2012), Toponyms (2015), and the current documentary Corporate Responsibility (2020), premièred at this year’s Berlinale. 

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director: Jonathan Perel
producer: Jonathan Perel
photography: Jonathan Perel
sound: Jonathan Perel
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