28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Seekers of a Fixed Point
Seekers of a Fixed Point

Seekers of a Fixed Point

director: Pavel Koutecký
original title: Hledači pevného bodu
country: Czech Republic
year: 2001
running time: 115 min.


This time-lapse philosophical-historical excursion into the first decade of post-Soviet democracy, through the mouths of Jan Ruml, Michael Kocáb, Martin Mejstřík and Kryštof Rímský, speaks about the freedom of the individual and society. All of them are united by their participation in the Velvet Revolution, their dissatisfaction with the subsequent political development and the question of how to live in it and not betray oneself. What is frustrating is not freedom itself, but the search for the points that delimit it.

“People had a huge expectation that allowed them to survive the frustration of freedom; when the expectation was not met, social depression set in.”


Pavel Koutecký (1956–2006), director, screenwriter and teacher, was one of the most important Czech documentary filmmakers. He collaborated with the Film and Sociology Association. He focused on time-lapse documentaries about the protagonists of the Velvet Revolution. After his tragic death during filming in 2007, the Pavel Koutecký Award began to be awarded.

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director: Pavel Koutecký
editing: Martin Steklý
music: Michael Kocáb, Michal Pavlíček
sound: Michal Houdek
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