28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All
Like You Know It All

Like You Know It All

director: Ji-Yoon Park
original title: 잘 알지도 못하면서
country: Republic of Korea (South Korea), United Kingdom
year: 2021
running time: 11 min.


In the 45 years that Kwang-Ja has been an lifeline operator, she has heard innumerable stories of desperate people, many of whom were determined to take their lives. How can we help someone whose pain we have never felt ourselves? The short film offers no solution to the problem of suicides; but its evocative imagery segments enable the viewer to emotionally connect to the people who have been a breath away from death.

„Interview was conducted only through audio, as counsellors in ‘Lifeline Korea’ have conversations via phone. After repetitively listening to these interviews, I filmed images that went along with the stories... It was all part of making intangible things observable.“ (Ji-Yoon Park)


The Korean filmmaker Ji-Yoon Park (1992) studied film at the Universities of Seoul and Edinburgh. She focuses on documentary production, in particular the search for its boundaries by combining observation with other types of art.

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director: Ji-Yoon Park
cast: Kwang-Ja Lee
producer: Ji-Yoon Park
editing: Ji-Yoon Park
music: Ellie Beale
sound design: Ellie Beale
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