28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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How to Watch Pornography
How to Watch Pornography
How to Watch Pornography

How to Watch Pornography

director: Mike Hoolboom
original title: How to Watch Pornography
country: Canada
year: 2022
running time: 20 min.


A documentary essay raising the question what could be seen as pornography, in what ways a viewer should watch it and who is supposed to be its subject. Based on the ideas of theoreticians in porn studies, the film reveals some ideological and esthetic influences of this visual form, a representation of physical pleasure aiming to raise a similar kind of physical pleasure in its viewers.

“A variety of hazy, lo-fi clips rub up against an isolated digerati immersed in temporary pornutopias. Why not name it a small collection, a modest archive of sexual imageries and pleasures?”



Independent avantgarde filmmaker and curator Mike Hoolboom (* 1959) was born in Toronto. His filmography includes over 50 films and videos screened at more than 200 film festivals worldwide. He is a founding member of the Pleasure Dome Collective, former director of the Images Festival and coordinator of experimental films at the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

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director: Mike Hoolboom
producer: Mike Hoolboom
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