28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Another Body
Another Body
Another Body

Another Body

director: Reuben Hamlyn, Sophie Compton
original title: Another Body
country: United States, United Kingdom
year: 2023
running time: 80 min.


One day, Taylor, a university student, is shocked to discover that videos of her having sex with strange men are circulating on the internet. None of it happened. Her face was planted on a porn actress' body using deepfake technology. Taylor decides to find out who made the video and what she can do to defend herself against identity theft. Straddling the line between personal essay and true-crime, the film gives us a glimpse into the disturbing world of deepfake videos and revenge pornography through a specific traumatic experience. Nonetheless, Compton and Hamlyn also focus on the positives of smart technologies, using them to anonymize the protagonist.

“We live in the age of technologies that are advancing rapidly, and the way that they shape how we live our lives is changing on a daily basis. It’s so important to focus and reflect on these new things and the way we’re adapting to them.” — Reuben Hamlyn

Source: The Korea Herald


Sophie Compton is a British film and theatre director, screenwriter and activist telling the stories of women who have faced injustice and overcome trauma. Reuben Hamlyn is a British filmmaker who explores issues of power, injustice and the impact of technology and media on our identity and behaviour through individual experiences.

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director: Reuben Hamlyn, Sophie Compton
producer: Elizabeth Woodward
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