28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Campaign Against the Climate
The Campaign Against the Climate

The Campaign Against the Climate

director: Mads Ellesøe
original title: The Campaign Against the Climate
country: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium
year: 2020
running time: 53 min.


An investigative documentary unravels the net of complex relationships and motivations behind the groups that refuse to acknowledge potentially fatal impacts of the climatic crisis. Research and predictions of climatic experts and specialists from other related fields of science are questioned by communication specialists who reduce the issue to a task of finding convincing arguments to be fed to the general public. Given the world of lobbying and post-truth we live in, it's hardly surprising that some of the most influential anticlimactic think-tanks are financed by the biggest producers of fossil fuel. A gripping insight into the art of deception starts in 1988, the year when the world was getting ready to fight the climatic change. Ever since then, oil companies have worked behind the scenes, supporting or even organizing events in order to destroy or at least slow down environmental movements struggling to protect our planet, and to make the society turn against them.
“Mads Ellesøe is a journalist who can take on both the fine details and the big perspective. Both the compassionate portrait and the big revelation.”
You can watch the director’s introduction HERE

Recorded Q&A with the director:


Mads Ellesøe (1977) is a Danish filmmaker with experience in journalism and TV news. He was director of the international documentaries unit at DR. In his work, Mads focuses on investigative reporting and issues of global consequences. He is especially famous for his film The Child Soldier's New Job (2016) about former child soldiers recruited by private army companies. 

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director: Mads Ellesøe
producer: Sidsel Marie Jacobsen
photography: Mathias Strømfeldt, Anders Aagaard
sound design: Alex Pavlovic
skladatel: Mathias Nielsen
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