27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Every Single Minute
Every Single Minute
Every Single Minute
Every Single Minute

Every Single Minute

director: Erika Hníková
original title: Každá minuta života
country: Czech Republic
year: 2021
running time: 80 min.


Married Slovak couple Michal Hanuliak and Lenka Hanuliaková have been conducting this unique experiment since their four-year-old son Mišek was born. They train him every single minute so that one day he’ll become a successful all-star athlete and an all-around “superior person.” To achieve this goal, they decided to put everything on the back burner, including themselves. The training methodology they’ve chosen is known as Kameveda, which stands for Comprehensive Mutli-Developmental Training for Children. This methodology was founded by Pavel Zacha, who systemically devoted much of his time to his own son Pavlík from birth, and their combined efforts ended with Pavlík's entry into the NHL. Michal and Lenka devote literally every minute of their lives to Hanuliak Jr.’s sports and mental training. In a constantly alternating machine-like rhythm, training is switched out with gameplay, gameplay is switched out with exercise, and then exercise is switched out with training. Rinse and repeat. The film captures the parents’ efforts over the course of a whole year, and through a series of real-life family situations, it raises a number of more general questions about the meaning of upbringing today as well as about one-sided performance orientation and the impending "robotization" of life.


Czech documentary filmmaker Erika Hníková (1976) graduated from the Department of Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU. Her graduate film, The Beauty Exchange (2003), which reflected on the phenomenon of idealized female beauty, won the Audience Award at Ji.hlava IDFF where her films are regularly screened.

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director: Erika Hníková
producer: Jiří Konečný
script: Erika Hníková
photography: Šimon Dvořáček, Lukáš Milota
editing: Josef Krajbich
sound: Per Šoltys, Daniel Němec, Ivan Horák
koproducent: Helena Uldrichová, Ivan Ostrochovský
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