26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Play of Everyman
The Play of Everyman
The Play of Everyman
The Play of Everyman
The Play of Everyman
The Play of Everyman

The Play of Everyman

director: Thomas A. Østbye
original title: Enhver har rett til
country: Norway
year: 2021
running time: 31 min.


In 2016, two environmental organizations sued the Norwegian state on suspicion that it was violating the constitution by continuing to license oil drilling in the Barents Sea – specifically, the guaranteed right to a healthy environment for everyone and the responsible as well as sustainable extraction of natural resources. Thanks to the exclusive opportunity to shoot in the courtroom during the appeal proceedings in 2019 and 2020, we get a glimpse of the events that the Norwegian media has referred to as the “climate trial of the century” and we can learn that political interests, thinly disguised by an environmental agenda, still triumph over the respect for the future.

"Documentary for me is to use film as a tool to approach reality." (Thomas A. Østbye)


Thomas A. Østbye (1979) is a Norwegian director known for his tendency to combine the artistic concept of the documentary genre and contemporary political issues. His films Imagining Emanuel (2011), Out of Norway (2015) and Things (2015) have already been screened at Ji.hlava.

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director: Thomas A. Østbye
producer: Thomas A. Østbye
photography: Thomas A. Østbye, Alvilde Naterstad
editing: Trude Lirhus, Thomas A. Østbye
sound Design: Merete Mongstad
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