28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Where's the Truth?
Where's the Truth?
Where's the Truth?

Where's the Truth?

director: Pavel Koutecký
original title: Kde je pravda?
country: Czech Republic
year: 1999
running time: 57 min.


Double nationalization and triple totalitarianism surround the lives of two Czech Jews who found a new home in Chile during World War II. A capitalist and a communist find themselves in a fictional dispute over the true image of totalitarianism. But this lies beyond the historical experience of the individual, in the joint preparation of the Chilean production of Brundibár.


Pavel Koutecký (1956–2006), director, screenwriter and teacher, was one of the most important Czech documentary filmmakers. He collaborated with the Film and Sociology Association. He focused on time-lapse documentaries about the protagonists of the Velvet Revolution. After his tragic death during filming in 2007, the Pavel Koutecký Award began to be awarded.

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director: Pavel Koutecký
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