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Finally Got the News

Finally Got the News

director: Peter Gessner, Rene Lichtman, Stewart Bird
original title: Finally Got the News
country: United States
year: 1970
running time: 55 min.


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The exploitation of industry workers in America can be seen as just a new form of slavery that was carried over from the cotton-picking days. Black Americans make up a significant part of the workforce in some key production sectors. They are forced to work overtime while their employers have no regard for their health. The events following the formation of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers unfold in a film that seems as if it were shot only yesterday: we witness protests after a black child was shot by a police officer and manifestations of social hardship sublimating into racial hatred, but mainly we hear through various different voices the exploitation of labor that does not take skin color into account.
„[The League of Revolutionary Black Workers] was one of the most important radical movements of our century - a movement led by black revolutionaries whose vision of emancipation for all is sorely needed today.“ Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley, New York University


Stewart Bird is a filmmaker with extensive experience working in television. He currently devotes his time writing literary crime works. Rene Lichtman was born in Paris and hid from the Nazis with his mother as a child. In the USA, he later co-founded the pacifist group Newsreel Documentary Films. After his career in film, Peter Gessner began working as a private investigator, which he has managed to capitalize on with his series of crime fiction books.

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director: Peter Gessner, Rene Lichtman, Stewart Bird
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