26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Cube of Sugar
A Cube of Sugar
A Cube of Sugar
A Cube of Sugar
A Cube of Sugar
A Cube of Sugar

A Cube of Sugar

director: Jacek Bławut
original title: Kostka cukru
country: Poland
year: 1986
running time: 9 min.


This compelling portrait of a racehorse consists of the precisely defined coordinates of its horizon: landscapes imbued with rich greenery, palms with sugar, an obstacle, a bridle, a leap, and a fall. The atmospheric film, shot at the Velká Pardubická cross-country steeplechase run, tells its tragic story through a changing colour spectrum and depth.


Jacek Bławut (1950) is a cinematographer, director, and producer. He is often interested in the stories of subjects living on the margins of society and is the creator of more than thirty documentaries. As a cameraman, he shot Dekalog X by Krzysztof Kieślowski. He lectures at the Lodz Film School.

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director: Jacek Bławut
photography: Krzysztof Ptak
editing: Józefa Strześniewska
sound: Jan Freda
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