28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Nikola Spasić
original title: Kristina
country: Serbia
year: 2022
running time: 90 min.


Kristína, a transgender prostitute, has a seemingly mundane, settled life. She receives clients in her tastefully decorated house, visits furniture dealers in her spare time looking for new additions to her interior, or sees friends. But a deep sadness permeates all her actions, both from the wounds she carries with her from the past and from the premonition of an uneasy future. A former theology student, Marko, suddenly and accidentally enters her life. The quasi-documentary is inspired by the life of the eponymous title character, and many scenes were created using an observational method in a natural setting and involving actor improvisation.

“We really wanted to make a film where you get to meet her as a real person, a movie that’s sincere. Kristína is a non-professional actress who has a real background in the role she portrays. She shot the scenes in her own apartment, but all the events are fictional.”

Source: Variety Magazine


Nikola Spasić is a Serbian filmmaker working in fiction and documentary. He is the director of the production company Rezon. He started his career working on advertising videos and campaigns. His first documentary Why Did Dragan Gather His Band (2016) is about a band that was founded by a father and his sons.

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director: Nikola Spasić
producer: Milanka Gvoic
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