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Blooming Flowers and Plant Movements

Blooming Flowers and Plant Movements

director: J. C. Mol
original title: Bloeiende bloemen en plantenbewegingen
country: Netherlands
year: 1932
running time: 20 min.


Blooming Flowers and Plant Movements was filmed using a time-lapse method that allows the viewer to watch in a short time what would not be possible to see with the naked eye. In close-ups, Mol films budding flowers of various species and enhances their beauty by capturing the movements of several species of growing fungi.


“Mol's films express a passion for science and nature, combined with a great interest in camera optics and film perception.” Malin Wahlberg


Jan Cornelis Mol (1891-1954) began with experiments with photography. In 1924, he founded his own production company Multifilm, and in his work he focused mainly on filming microorganisms and plant movements. His debut Uit het rijk der kristallen (From the Realm of Crystals) (1927) is one of the first ever science films.

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director: J. C. Mol
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