26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Little One
The Little One
The Little One
The Little One

The Little One

director: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
original title: Malá
country: Czech Republic
year: 2017
running time: 10 min.


An unusual animated documentary of the experiences of young Vietnamese who have spent their entire lives in the Czech Republic, living between two cultures. The drawn animation style allows the filmmaker to give the film a natural emotionality, intimacy and poetic stylization.


The Little One is Diana Cam Van Nguyen’s graduation film from the animation department at FAMU. Prior to attending FAMU, she studied furniture design at the Secondary School of Industrial Arts in Prague. She currently works as a freelance artist.

more about film

director: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
producer: Karolina Davidová
script: Diana Cam Van Nguyen, Vojtěch Bohuslav
photography: Diana Cam Van Nguyen
editing: Edgar Ortiz
sound: Viera Marinová
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