28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Maximalists in a Microworld

Maximalists in a Microworld

director: Pavel Koutecký
original title: Maximalisté v mikrosvětě
country: Czechoslovakia
year: 1985
running time: 20 min.


Seeing a bee under a microscope is like touching a dream. Shamans in white coats at the Institute of Scientific Instruments in Brno reveal the haptic dimension of scientific research. They shape ideas, cross the boundaries of matter, let life into the arteries of wires and the metal body of an artificial child, an electron lithograph.


Pavel Koutecký (1956–2006), director, screenwriter and teacher, was one of the most important Czech documentary filmmakers. He collaborated with the Film and Sociology Association. He focused on time-lapse documentaries about the protagonists of the Velvet Revolution. After his tragic death during filming in 2007, the Pavel Koutecký Award began to be awarded.

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director: Pavel Koutecký
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