27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Filippo Ticozzi
original title: Dissipatio
country: Italy
year: 2020
running time: 39 min.


The strict quarantine in the spring of 2020 reduced the living space of hundreds of millions of people down to just a few square meters. The horizon was limited to the view from the window, boredom permeated the days, and an endless stream of catastrophic rumors emanated from the radio and television. Against the backdrop of his own mental and physical discomfort, the director begins to shoot a video diary. The similarly non-existent static camera records existential monologues as well as activities serving basic bodily needs. This philosophical essay is woven from reflections on the coming transformation of the world and the images that try to capture it.


"During the quarantine Time became something strange. So we stood as still as possible, scared by our own breath, while our home was turning into the
kingdom of that new kind of time." F. Ticozzi

You can watch the director’s introduction HERE

Q&A with the director Filippo Ticozzi:


Director, screenwriter and professor Filippo Ticozzi (1973) teaches film directing at one of the oldest Italian universities in Pavia. His short film debut, Lilly (2008), was screened at the San Francisco Festival. This was followed by documentary successes at Visions du Réel (Chasing The Wind, 2014) and in Turin with Moo Ya (2016). In addition to directing, he also creates modern art and video installations.

more about film

director: Filippo Ticozzi
cast: Federica Villa, Carlo Michele Schirinzi, Filippo Ticozzi
producer: Filippo Ticozzi, Federico Minetti
script: Filippo Ticozzi
photography: Filippo Ticozzi
editing: Filippo Ticozzi
sound: Filippo Ticozzi
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