26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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My city
My city
My city
My city

My city

director: Wojciech Has
original title: Moje miasto
country: Poland
year: 1950
running time: 6 min.


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On the border where dreams and reality collide, every nook and cranny of Krakow springs to life. The city’s appearance in the film may be long gone, but its memory lives on. And with the help of the narrator’s Proustian monologue, the assemblage of black-and-white shots of Krakow in the 1930s becomes a vibrant motion picture of a unique past.


Wojciech Jerzy Has (1925 - 2000) was a director and educator. He made several documentaries in the 1950s before crossing over into feature-length films. He directed many works, including the cult-classic The Saragossa Manuscript (1964) and The Hour-Glass Sanatorium (1973), the latter of which was based on a short story by Bruno Schulz.

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director: Wojciech Has
photography: Olgierd Samucewicz
music: Witold Krzemieński
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