27th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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My Street

My Street

director: Danuta Halladin
original title: Moja ulica
country: Poland
year: 1965
running time: 9 min.


This film has a 500 limit of views.
A radio documentary with a visual track, My Street is a collection of receptive commentary from children who know their street like the back of their hand, including its rhythm, mood, and the habits of those who dwell on it. Sensitive observers of relationships and roles gloss over the everyday reality of adults, anticipating movements that will make Warsaw’s neglected Twarda Street completely unrecognisable.


Danuta Halladin (1930 - 1987) graduated from the Lodz Film School. Her touching, observational documentaries fall under the heading of Karabasz School. She often shot footage in a working-class environment, especially with female characters and children.

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director: Danuta Halladin
script: Lidia Zonn, Danuta Halladin
photography: Antoni Staśkiewicz
editing: Lidia Zonn
music: Zbigniew Rudziński
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