26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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The Musicians
The Musicians
The Musicians
The Musicians
The Musicians
The Musicians
The Musicians

The Musicians

director: Kazimierz Karabasz
original title: Muzykanci
country: Poland
year: 1960
running time: 9 min.


This film has a 500 limit of views
The camera makes its way through the clarinets, tubas, kettledrums, and trumpets at a rehearsal for a brass orchestra, whose members are made up of amateur musicians who work for the public transport authority. The film captures the sharply cut, charismatic, and highly concentrated faces of musicians: Warsaw tram drivers playing music after their shift.


Kazimierz Karabasz (1930 - 2018) was a graduate of the Lodz Film School, where he also later lectured. He has fundamentally influenced several generations of Polish filmmakers and his documentaries have won many awards. He worked on most of them with his wife and editor, Lidia Zonn.

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director: Kazimierz Karabasz
photography: Stanisław Niedbalski
editing: Lidia Zonn
sound: Halina Paszkowska
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