26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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On the Other Side of the Spoon

On the Other Side of the Spoon

director: Pierre Borel, Léa Lanoë
original title: On the Other Side of the Spoon
country: France
year: 2020
running time: 17 min.


Tristan Honsiger, a cellist, improvised for the first time by trying to decipher a partition by Webern. With his accomplices, this tall guy with azure blue eyes has turned music into a perpe-tual playground, combining technique and inventiveness. Pierre Borel and Léa Lanoë draw a spirited portrait of him on film, with the appearance of an improvised jam session in their sights.


After studying history of art and literature in Paris and Berlin, Léa Lanoë studied at Ecole National Superieur d’Art in Bourges, working on sound installations and collages. In 2017, she takes part in the Master degree of Documentary filmmaking in Lussas, France, where she makes her first documentary film Nul N’est Censé
Pierre Borel is a saxophonist and composer, working in the field of improvised and experimental music. Since 2006 he is residing in Berlin taking part of the high flow of ongoing creativity that is centered there. 

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director: Pierre Borel, Léa Lanoë
producer: Léa Lanoë, Pierre Borel
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