26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Man Leaning
A Man Leaning
A Man Leaning
A Man Leaning
A Man Leaning

A Man Leaning

director: Marie-Violaine Brincard, Olivier Dury
original title: L'Homme qui penche
country: France
year: 2020
running time: 94 min.


A film based on a diary written by Thierry Metz (1956–1997), a renowned French poet, in an alcohol rehab clinic a year before he committed suicide. A melancholic portrayal drawing on the writer's tragic private life and intimate poetry. Metz's lines are underscored by a slow train of images of construction workers building houses, treetops swaying in the wind, patients smoking behind the walls of the clinic. The film leads us through Thierry's private history, including the death of his son and the agony of his addiction – through the pain that results in desire to end it all.

“I look forward to the days to come in peace, from a distance, but with care. I have to kill someone deep inside myself, even though I do not know how to go about it. The most important thing is not to lose the thread.” T. Metz


Marie-Violaine Brincard is a French documentary filmmaker and director. She studied film direction, audio-visual production and modern literature; currently, she pursues her PhD in modern literature. In her work, she focuses on political and human rights issues, such as genocide in Rwanda.

Olivier Dury studies cinema at the Vancouver Film School and begins to work as director assistant for different films (documentary, fiction, ads clip). He then become director of photography assistant, and finally director of photography on documentary production. His second film, Mirages, in 2008, wins many prizes of whom the first prize at the FIDMarseille festival. His last film, A Man Leaning, is co-directed with Marie-Violaine Brincard.

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director: Marie-Violaine Brincard, Olivier Dury
producer: Carine Chichkowsky
editing: Qutaiba Barhamji, Marie-Violaine Brincard, Olivier Dury, Rodolphe Molla
sound: Philippe Grivel
sound Design: Bruno Ginestet
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