26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Mieczyslaw Waśkowski
original title: Somnambulicy
country: Poland
year: 1957
running time: 9 min.


The enchanting layering of pulsating, oil-coloured stains and water droplets extruded on the glass surfaces is inspired by the process of creating informal paintings by Tadeusz Kantor, to whom Waśkowski and his collaborator Nurzyński also dedicated their previous student film.


Mieczysław Waśkowski (1929 - 2001) was a director, screenwriter, and actor. He completed his directorial studies in Lodz in 1959 and has shot a number of documentaries and feature films.

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director: Mieczyslaw Waśkowski
photography: Antoni Nurzyński
music: Andrzej Kaczyński
sound: Józef Bartczak
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