28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Returning to Reims
Returning to Reims
Returning to Reims

Returning to Reims

director: Jean-Gabriel Périot
original title: Retour À Reims
country: France
year: 2021
running time: 83 min.


This film adaptation of Didier Eribon’s memoirs combines personal testimony with a sociological analysis of the history of the twentieth-century French working class. In the first part, the narrator shares the story of her family as they experience all of the economic and political changes from the position of laborers, who represent only a fraction of this broad social class. The second part is a reflection on the mechanisms that lead to a loss of the desire for economic equality and its replacement by the ideology of the far right. The contemplative voiceover is accompanied by illustrative archive footage, and excerpts from films and contemporary material, thanks to which history returns to the present day.

„I wanted to make a film from where I am coming more than a film about where I am today.“ (Jean-Gabriel Périot)


French director Jean-Gabriel Périot (1974) studied media and communication. He makes short and feature-length films that combine archive footage with documentary and animated shots, and in which he focuses on themes of violence, politics, and history. The Ji.hlava IDFF has screened his films The Devil (2012) and A German Youth (2015).

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director: Jean-Gabriel Périot
producer: Marie-Ange Luciani
script: Jean-Gabriel Périot
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