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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children
Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children
Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children
Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children

Homecoming - Marina Abramovic and Her Children

director: Boris Miljković
original title: Povratak kući – Marina Abramović i njena deca
country: Serbia
year: 2020
running time: 83 min.


"I come from a dark place, Tito's Yugoslavia," says Marina Abramović at the start of the film, which captures her heartwarming return. The journey to her native Belgrade where the Serbian performer now calls home after many years leads us to the various cities where her travelling exhibition The Cleaner is being presented. The artist recalls her tumultuous relationship with her homeland, her parents and her own body, and recapitulates how she crossed the border between states and between creator and audience. Her work springs to life not only in archive footage, but also in the performances of young performers who, much like her children, carry on their "mother's" legacy.

Discussion with the director to watch HERE

Q&A with the director:


Boris Miljković (1956) is originally a Croatian screenwriter, writer, film, theatre and television director. After studying film and television directing in Belgrade, he participated in a number of television projects in the 1980s. Miljković is known for creating award-winning commercials and music videos, and his video installations have been presented at the MoMA in New York City and at the University of Paris.

more about film

director: Boris Miljković
producer: Jovana Karaulic
script: Boris Miljković
photography: Andreja Leko
editing: Nikola Puric
sound: Petar Antonovic
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