28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Nepomuceno Newsreel (possibly)

director: José Nepomuceno
original title: A Nepomuceno Newsreel (possibly)
year: 1935
running time: 36 sec.


A reportage filmed for Pathé captures the inauguration of the second President of the Philippines, Manuel Luis Quezon, in the presence of members of the US Senate. The US allowed its colony to have its own president for an experimental period of ten years from 1935. Quezon fled to the US during World War II, where he led a government in exile.


Jose Zialcita Nepomuceno (1893–1959) is considered the father of Philippine cinema. In 1917, he founded Malayan Movies, the largest film producer in the Philippines during the silent era. Ninety percent of the pre-war film industry's employees gained their professional skills here. In 1932, he made the first Philippine sound film Punyal na Ginto.

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director: José Nepomuceno
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