26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Article Zero
Article Zero
Article Zero
Article Zero
Article Zero
Article Zero

Article Zero

director: Włodzimierz Borowik
original title: Paragraf Zero
country: Poland
year: 1957
running time: 16 min.


This film has a 500 limit of views.

“There’s no set design. This is not a feature film. We are simply collecting material for sociologists and lawyers.” The film’s commentary emphasises the authenticity of the voyeuristic footage found from a police station where cops took prostitutes into custody after a night raid in the streets and slums of Warsaw. Formally and in terms of content, the most radical film of the Polish black film series bears witness to a phenomenon in which a paragraph was missing in the Civil Code.


Włodzimierz Borowik (1915 - 1996) was one of the first graduates of the Lodz Film School and became particularly famous for his first "black" films, including the docudrama Skalna ziemia (1956) and Article Zero (1957). He is the creator of a number of travelogues and scientific and educational films, the last of which he shot in 1981.

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director: Włodzimierz Borowik
script: Włodzimierz Borowik
photography: Antoni Staśkiewicz
editing: Maria Orłowska
sound: Bohdan Kajan
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