26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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On Endings
On Endings
On Endings
On Endings
On Endings

On Endings

director: Liryc Dela Cruz
original title: On Endings
country: Italy, Philippines
year: 2020
running time: 82 min.


Black-and-white shots of an abandoned city and human dwellings permeated by melancholy, in which time drags on and gives rise to space for inner reflection and contemplation. It is the filmmaker’s intimate statement from isolation, in which he reads letters from a mother longing for her son, whom she has not seen for four years. Words full of tenderness, pain, and religious conviction mix memories of the past with faith in future moments together. In the texts, uttered in a quiet voice, light and darkness contrast, as they do in the captivating shots full of chiaroscuro. Without a storyline, dialogue, or tension, the film offers itself to quiet contemplation by its viewers.
“[...] films are memories; cinema is memory. I think cinema is there to record our existence, the unknown, and the memory of the world. ” L. Paolo Dela Cruz


Filipino director, screenwriter and producer Liryc Paolo Dela Cruz (1992) is one of the most prominent representatives of the slow cinema movement. The primary theme of his non-narrative films is his origins and personal history. Past visitors to the Ji.hlava IDFF could see his film Notes from Unknown Maladies (2018). 

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director: Liryc Dela Cruz
producer: Liryc Dela Cruz, Gutierrez Mangansakan II
script: Liryc Dela Cruz
photography: Liryc Dela Cruz
sound: Greg Farough
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