28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Carmen Losmann
original title: Oeconomia
country: Germany
year: 2020
running time: 89 min.


This film has a limit of 300 views.


Director Carmen Losmann’s film looks for answers to some of the crucial questions of today: Why is economic inequality on the rise? Why are both individuals and states increasingly indebted? Why is it that it is the clients who pay the most for bank crises? In order to understand the rules of a game, from which only a very small percentage of the participants benefit, she approached representatives of the banking and financial sector. Some wished to remain anonymous. The director put their answers into the mouths of actors and supplemented them with illustrative computer graphics. The document thoroughly, clearly and with foresight, analyzes the paradoxes of continuous economic growth and presents a tangible form of a system whose mechanisms should remain invisible in the interests of capitalism.


German director Carmen Losmann (b. 1978) studied marketing in England and film and television production in Germany. Her filmmaking role models are Frederick Wiseman and Harun Farucki. Her debut documentary, Work Hard – Play Hard, about the dehumanizing pressure placed on work effectivity, was screened at Ji.hlava in 2012. Her film Oeconomia saw its world premiere in the Forum section of the Berlin Film Festival.

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director: Carmen Losmann
producer: Hannes Lang, Mareike Wegener
photography: Dirk Lütter
editing: Henk Drees, Carmen Losmann
music: Peter Rösner
sound: Peter Rösner, Till Röllinghoff, Etienne Haug, Detlev Schmelzenbach
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