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Ornette: Made in America
Ornette: Made in America
Ornette: Made in America
Ornette: Made in America
Ornette: Made in America
Ornette: Made in America

Ornette: Made in America

director: Shirley Clarke
original title: Ornette: Made in America
country: United States
year: 1985
running time: 85 min.


Ornette Coleman (1930–2015) was an African-American jazz saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter, and leading figure in the avant-garde genre of free jazz, which was an experimental approach to jazz improvisation. The film is made up of diverse stock footage, interview clips, live-action scenes, and wild musical dance sequences. This is no ordinary biopic film, but rather a depiction of the musician's passionate nature and musical talent, with many important composers and writers of the then-American art scene appearing among the interviewed fans. In addition to the achievements of this jazz icon, the film also depicts Coleman's difficult childhood and experience with racial segregation.


Shirley Clarke (1919–1997) was an American director and university teacher, initially a dancer and a choreographer. In the 1950s she made short films and later she directed various documentaries and feature films. She was active in the feminist movement and her work is often included in the New American Cinema.

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director: Shirley Clarke
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