28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Open mountain
Open mountain
Open mountain
Open mountain
Open mountain

Open mountain

director: Maria Rojas Arias
original title: Abrir monte
country: Colombia, Portugal
year: 2021
running time: 25 min.


In July 1929, a group of shoemakers from a small Colombian village triggered a one-day revolution to improve the living and working conditions in the country. Despite the fact that almost all the traces of the event and of the revolutionaries, who called themselves The Bolsheviks of Libano, Tolima, have disappeared in the past few decades, Aura, a living contemporary and anarchist, believes their fight goes on. The evocative hybrid 16mm documentary combining archival materials and personal memories takes the viewer to a place where history runds deep and where time has stopped.

"I see the uncovered roads, the slaughter of chickens for the sancochos in the river and the brush of the mountain that makes its way towards the footprints of the first guerrilla in Latin America. The characters in this story find themselves in the feeling that their rebellion is still going on."


Maria Rojas Aria (1994) holds a degree in visual arts from the National University of Colombia. By combining archival and experimental elements, she explores the legacy of collonialism, war tactics and formation of states against the background of specific historical events.

more about film

director: Maria Rojas Arias
cast: Adelaida Arias Fajardo
producer: Andrés Jurado Uribe, KINTOP PORTUGAL
script: Maria Rojas Arias
photography: Maria Rojas Arias
editing: Maria Rojas and Andrés Jurado Maria Rojas and Andrés Jurado
music: Sara Fernandez, Lucrecia Dalt
sound design: Julian Galay
co-producer: Ansgar Schaefer
executive producer: Andrés Jurado
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