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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Flesh Memory
Flesh Memory
Flesh Memory
Flesh Memory

Flesh Memory

director: Jacky Goldberg
original title: Flesh Memory
country: France
year: 2018
running time: 60 min.


Finley Blake supports herself by performing live online erotic webcam shows. Because of this, her young son was taken from her and she is desperately trying to get him back. She is 33 years old and alone, with only her cat and the rats that inhabit her house in Austin, Texas. The film captures several ordinary days of her life – days in which she is so terribly alone yet still surrounded by people. She lives her life through computer monitors, isolated from the outside world. Although this is an observational documentary, its composition, often alternating image sizes, helps make the film’s pace even more dynamic. 

"Title came first. I was showering when I decided I would, one day, make a movie called Flesh Memory, about eroticism and the Internet. Then I met Finley. And everything suddenly made sense. Best ideas always pop up in the shower, don’t they?" J. Goldberg


French director Jacky Goldberg (1981) is the creator of a number of short films, of which Far From Manhattan (2010) was nominated for a Golden Leopard at the Locarna Film Festival. He also directed a documentary about comedy film director Judd Apatow called This Is Comedy (2014) and produced the film Golden Slumbers (2012). In addition, he writes film criticism and contributes articles to numerous periodicals. 

more about film

director: Jacky Goldberg
cast: Finley Blake
producer: Jacky Goldberg, Sébastien de Fonséca Goldberg
photography: Alexandre Léglise
editing: Raphaël Lefèvre
music: Léonardo Ortega, Christophe Musset
sound: Romain De Gueltzl
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