26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Tribute to Dali

Tribute to Dali

director: kinema ikon, Ioan Pleș
original title: Omagiu lui Dali
country: Romania
year: 1977
running time: 6 min.


The rubble that piles up around the hole in the concrete plinth in the middle of the wasteland is just as insistent as the memories in Salvatore Dali’s famous painting Persistence of Memory. A meticulously crafted record of a surreal battle between an alarm clock and garbage ends with the victory of a ticking machine that manages to throw all the fragments of the past into a dark hole.


One day, Ioan Pleșh (19582009) showed up in Arad to show Georgi Săbău his film, which he had put together from pieces of painted sections of film medium that he had acquired from his projectionist friend in exchange for cigarettes. “I immediately understood that I had an extremely talented experi-mental filmmaker in front of me,” Săbău recalls.

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director: kinema ikon, Ioan Pleș
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