26th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Wonwoo Kim
original title: 유서 (Yuseo)
country: France, South Korea
year: 2021
running time: 58 min.


Will is a kind of verbal symbolic balance sheet for life, in which we reconcile our material and immaterial possessions and pass on our message to the next generation. The poetic last words form the outline of the film composed of four segments reflecting in different ways on life against inevitable finality – whether it is a couple of young people walking through a Parisian cemetery, a video installation poetically pointing out the manifestations of mortality around us, a family filmed from the position of the grave while performing cemetery rituals, or the film director as the passive recipient of a farewell to life.

"Imagining the last words before dying, I wrote a poem. The poem was divided into four parts and used as the titles for the four stories."


Kim Wonwoo (1991) is a Korean filmmaker, photographer and visual artist who lives and works in France. His work often thematizes photography and relates to the problems of existence. The two topics come together in his debut Hong-Cheon (2019), a film about a man returning to his hometown to reminisce and take photographs.

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director: Wonwoo Kim
producer: Wonwoo Kim
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