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25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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director: Guillaume Cailleau
original title: Laborat
country: Germany
year: 2014
running time: 21 min.


This film for strong natures captures the concurrent (sense) activities of two working teams. On the premises of the Oncological Research Center in Berlin, we observe in detail the precise procedures conducted on the tiny naked bodies of lab mice while aiming the camera back at the film crew and pondering the sense of the documentation.

The soundtrack is relentlessly synchronous. Even with closed eyes, the research is inescapable. Through the gaps between your fingers, you’ll still get a glimpse of the cold, sterile environment and the details of the interchangeable bodies and stiff paws of the anesthetized mice.


Guillaume Cailleau (1978) lives in Berlin. He works in 16mm, HD video and multimedia installations. He is interested in investigating everyday processes and events, in which he attempts to reveal details that are usually overlooked, but many of which can be seen if they are isolated and taken out of context. He is an active member of the creative groups LaborBerlin and Hanna’s Atelier for Sonorous Arts Ljubljana. H(i)J (2009), Un nuage (2009), Une chambre (2009), Through (2008), Blitzkrieg (2007).

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director: Guillaume Cailleau
producer: Hanna Slak
script: Guillaume Cailleau, Hanna Slak
photography: Guillaume Cailleau, Michel Balagué
editing: Hanna Slak
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