28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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A Sunday in Prague
A Sunday in Prague

A Sunday in Prague

director: Bruno Šefranka
original title: Pražská neděle
country: Czechoslovakia
year: 1963
running time: 15 min.


The biggest calm is on the roof, because Sunday Prague does not rest. The chaotic stream of the collectively resting nation spreads avalanche-like to the swimming pool, the embankment or along the Vltava River. Lovers of beer, camping and recreational sports leave their homes to enjoy the tones of the weekend city in a symphony of crowds.


Bruno Šefranka (1928–1985) was a screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and director of Slovak origin. He studied directing at FAMU. He graduated with the film Loutky Jiřího Trnky, which was successful at international festivals. His other films include To jsou Bratři v triku, Ecce homo, or Z partitur Václava Trojana.

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director: Bruno Šefranka
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