28th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

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Imagine Peace
Imagine Peace
Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace

director: Michael Rogosin
original title: Imagine Peace
country: United States
year: 2019
running time: 79 min.


Almost 50 years after Lionel Rogosin made Arab-Israeli Dialogue, his son revisits the same topic. Following his father’s footsteps, his first journey leads to friends and co-workers of the participants in this unusual shooting. His second journey guides him to places where the historical and contemporary disputes, discussed in the film, took place. Here the director tries to document the development of the complex situation since Amos Kenan’s and Rashed Hussein’s discussion in New York, and find out if their bold words about peace and friendship between the two nations sharing one state became the reality.

“Lionel Rogosin was clearly inspired by American optimism and the belief that all conflicts can be resolved. His son Michael follows in his father’s footsteps, and tries to understand if something like that is possible nowadays.” (Hillel Schenker)

Source: https://festival.ilcinemaritrovato.it/en/film/imagine-peace/


Michael Rogosin (* 1958) and his brother Daniel preside over Rogosin Heritage, which administers and promotes the works of their father Lionel. In his own films Michael expands on his father’s legacy and creates a kind of metaphorical contemporary pandans to his father’s legendary works.

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director: Michael Rogosin
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